Research Ethics beyond Mandated Ethics: A Reflection on Knowledge Mobilization and Learning Networks in Aging & Technology Research

Published: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Igor Gontcharov, Post-Doctoral fellow with the Gilbrea Centre, presented at the expert workshop on "Ethics Review Boards in Social Sciences Research: Past, Present and Future" at the University of Haifa, December 5-7, 2017.

“Mandated ethics” describes a concern with the way in which the policy “mandate” of key market players, research paradigms, and/or particular interest groups affects the kind of ethics assessment that is done. On the surface, definitions of “ethics”, “science”, “research(er)”, “human”, “subjects”, “participants” and others may be seen as conventions among the parties that seek to promote knowledge production while making it safe and beneficial for all involved in the process. On a deeper level, they may also be understood as unilateral actions that exclude certain stakeholders and suppress alternative methodologies and ways of knowing. In this presentation, He has discussed some of the processes of standard setting in the governance of research involving humans, and reflected on the tensions between ethics and ethics review in an action-oriented study “Understanding and Enacting Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) in Large Teams and Across AGE-WELL”.

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